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This is Adrianna Malao and she is literally looking as hot as I have ever seen her. From what I can tell this pic was taken rather recently and that means that she must have really gotten her shit together because she looks great.

I’ve checked back on some of her older work and there was a time when this porn star looked like shit, like she was just a regular low life cum guzzling druggie, honestly what the bulk of black porn stars look like and I’m using the term ‘stars’ very loosely.

It’s no secret that many girls try out porn to feed their drug habits and it’s no secret that many girls who do porn at some point fall into drug habits and waste away quickly. It’s a devastatingly fast paced industry that has no loyalty to anyone and if you don’t manage to keep your own shit together, no one else will do it for you.

Here are some of the ebony babes and pornstars on the winning side of the industry, they look great and Adrianna is on that list. Good for her.

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